High Claim Item Empty Box Prank with Peanuts - Ship Your Friends Nothing


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • Shipping boxes can be a pain - we make it easy
  • Don't deal with the post office - we do that for you
  • Create confusion that lingers
  • An empty box branded "High Claim Item"
  • FULL of peanuts
  • Anonymous Packaging and Shipping

IMPORTANT: Make sure you put the recipient's name and address (not yours) in the shipping option. 


When you’re just shipping one box, it can be expensive.  Packaging is pricey and it’s normally bought in bulk.  With us, you don’t have to go out and buy  peanuts, tape, and postage.   We take care of that for you.

Plus, who wants to deal with the long line at the post office?  Your time alone is worth more money that what this prank will cost you.  So save yourself time and post office germs by using our service.  You can thank us later.

The High Claim Item box prank is the worst thing you can do to someone. We wouldn’t wish this on your worst enemy.

Imagine getting a 10x10” box (full of peanuts) in the mail that is clearly marked “$High Claim Item$.” Oh the excitement! What is it? Who sent it? You’d tear through that box like a hungry tiger! You’d open the box only to find NOTHING! That’s right Nothing! How could this be? Who? What? Why? Where? Did I order something? WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO GET THAT WAS OF SUCH HIGH VALUE?

You’ll never know because nothing is the absence of something- the answer you’ll never get is still a something… and, instead, you got nothing. A nothing that lingers.. Sometimes for days, weeks, months or even years.

What's best?  We're masters of anonymity.  You don't have to worry about covering your tracks.  We do that for you.  There's literally no trace of where or who it came from, or why. Just like the movie, Inception, the prank lingers.