Consider yourself a prankster?

Try sending out our empty box with peanuts prank to your friends, family, coworkers, enemies, frenemies, and everything in between.

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Empty box pranks

Ship your unsuspecting victims an empty box and watch the chaos ensue!

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Sexy pranky

Prank your family, friends and enemies by mailing our lifestule package directly to their face

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Made for people who suck!

From flakers to fakers, those on a high horse and those who are even worse. Everyday, we must tolerate these walking, talking shit-stains of human existence...

Sexy Pranky


Testimonial author


“It was a normal Tuesday at work, and I was explaining to my coworkers how nothing on earth is comparable to a baguette from France when, without prior notification, Jordan sent me a SexyPranky Box out of the blue and has now asked me to write a review for this product. What was supposed to be a brief laugh has provided lasting ammunition for my colleagues, who had already assumed I was in a sexual relationship with my computer and now assume that I make love to my devices with leather, zippers, whips, safe words, etc. I want to say two things for the record: 1) Fuck SexyPranky and 2) I have never physically violated the headphone, USB, or mini display ports of my laptop.”

Florent, First Victim and Technology Lover

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